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Hayward, Wisconsin Ice Fishing Guide

Experience the thrill of ice fishing in Hayward, Wisconsin with our ice guiding services, catering to groups of up to 4 anglers with an option for additional adults at a nominal fee. Noah ensures a comprehensive and comfortable ice fishing adventure by providing all the necessary gear, including rods, tip-ups, live bait, shelter, heating, ice auger, and cutting-edge ice fishing electronics.

Noah goes the extra mile to set up a heated shelter and strategically positions tip-ups for Pike, Bass, and Walleye, allowing you to simultaneously enjoy the excitement of jigging for panfish. As part of the ice fishing package, take advantage of the convenience – Noah offers complimentary fish cleaning, ensuring your catch is ready for the table at no extra cost. Dive into the world of ice fishing with confidence, knowing that our guided ice fishing experience encompasses top-notch equipment, expert setup, and added perks to make your fishing adventure on the ice truly exceptional.

Looking for cozy lodging options for your winter fishing getaway? Our lodging partners have a great selection of accommodations to complete a perfect winter fishing vacation.

Rates For Guided Ice Fishing

  • Half Day (4 hours) $350 for 4 people with $50+ for additional adults
  • Full Day (8 hours plus lunch break) $550 for 4 people with $50+ for additional adults

The cost of lunch is not included in the full-day rate, and the time spent on lunch doesn’t count against your 8 hours of fishing time. Some people bring a bag lunch. Some people like to go to one of the restaurants on the lakes where we fish. Just let me know your preference.

What to Bring

  • Weather Appropriate clothing
  • Winter boots
  • Snow Pants/ice fishing bibs
  • Winter jacket
  • Warm gloves/Handwarmers
  • Drinks and snacks


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